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February 13, 2008


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As long as Yellow's vegie soup recipe is tasty, I'm still for him...GO Yellow!!!!


That security dome will keep the american satellite from hitting us. I like Crispy's thinking.


Ahhh, I'm all for voting for red. Dictatorship ftw.

The Man

What The Hell Is Red Doing!!!!!!!! He Is Going To Destory The Opera House To Replace A Stautue Of Him Self That Is Bull**** He Is An Idiot Please Don't Vote For Him For God Sake


I'm still down with Crispy


The Opera House is an eyesore! Viva le red-olution!


The internet is nearly full, so stop dishing the dirt already!

MR Zee

will we be able to play footy at the crispy dome?


I agree with Boris and Karl

"Ahhh, I'm all for voting for red. Dictatorship ftw."

"The Opera House is an eyesore! Viva le red-olution!"


Han and Shelled sorry, not Boris and Karl. Sure the dome is good. But the redolution would be better.


Blue!!!!! you'll go far,with policys like that. Keep them coming.


If i could vote twice i vote for yellow and crispy

Red's Enforcer

Red also denies this blatent lie. Red plans to fund the worlds and create everyone as equals.

*Shifty eyes*

Samara Cera

ken, you CAN vote twice ninkumpoop-skull. You can vote as many times as you l-l-l-like. Choose either yellow or crispy, then keep voting. capiche?


You read it wrong. it says crispy is going to build a crispy security system, used to protect the earth!

Vote Crispy.

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